After migrating Confluence server / data center that contains Scaffolding server data, you will need to do a final data conversion in Cloud in order to convert the data and be fully compatible with Scaffolding Cloud.

More information about this here: 

This FAQ will explain how to find those macro data that has yet to be converted in Cloud side.


Use the following CQL to search for all the Server macro data that has yet to be converted.

Change <YourSiteName> accordingly. Paste the whole code into your URL bar.

https://<YourSiteName>.atlassian.net/wiki/search?cql=macro in ("text-data", "list-data", "table-data", "user-options", "date-data", "list-options", "repeating-data", "number-data", "content-options", "get-data", "excerpt-data", "eval-data", "attachment-data", "set-data", "attachment-options", "label-options", "group-data")

It should return you with a list of pages that contains these server macros as per screenshot below