This macro creates a form with various types of input fields. It also acts as a logical group of form fields. It's best used together with the Live Template macro.

You may create multiple Field Groups macros on the same page or template.

The latest version of Scaffolding now has a full-screen Field Group editor, which includes a toggle for full-width/fixed-width mode to better suit your page layout or your editing preferences. 

The field group macro field names have been changed. The following are the new names for the fields:

Old nameNew name
Date Date Field
Content ListPage List
Custom ListDropdown List
AttachmentAttachment Upload
TableTable Field

Here for the first time? We would recommend you check out the Key concepts and Quick start for Secret Editors guides.

(tick) Speed up macro entry with autocomplete:
  • In the new editor - Type / and the beginning of an element (tool or things in the insert menu) to see a list of suggestions.
  • In the legacy editor - Type { and the beginning of the macro name to see a list of suggested macros.

To learn more about the field group publication statuses, read more about them in our FAQ.




Default Value


Field Group name

A descriptive name for this  Field Group. A random name is generated by default.

(info) You can also key in your own Field Group name, which can be useful when integrating Scaffolding with other apps such as Reporting for Confluence. The Field Group name is mandatory and must be unique.


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