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Creating project overviews

It is inevitable that there will be multiple projects happening in a company simultaneously. Planning team capacity to tackle those projects and conducting retrospectives to improve processes are essential. Using this template will minimize complexities associated with managing multiple projects and you can easily create the right pages if a new project is initiated.

In this example, we will build a project overview template using Scaffolding, to store important project details, such as team members, milestones or related documents.

You will build a template for project overview pages that share the same format, layout and sections. Your team members will use the template to create project overviews. Confluence users can then access the project page to get information. You can also make changes to the template in the future, which will automatically update all the pages your users have created.

BackgroundYour organization is starting multiple new projects and you need a quick way to enable team members to track and document status of each project.

You want users to be able to able to quickly set up all crucial project details whenever starting a new project. Details included should be uniform across all projects. For you as as the administrator you want to be able to create a template that can be edited with one click and change reflected on every page using the template.

Final Outcome

You have setup a Projects space, then created a live template for Projects with Scaffolding Cloud using key fields you created using Field Group macro. 

End Result : 

Building the knowledge base system

Step 1 - Create the template
  1. Go to your Space Settings > Look and Feel, and add a new template. Name it Project Overview Template.
  2. Add a Field Group macro.

    (tick) Tip: Speed up macro entry with autocomplete:
    • In the new editor - Type / and the beginning of an element (tool or things in the insert menu) to see a list of suggestions.
    • In the legacy editor - Type { and the beginning of the macro name to see a list of suggested macros.
  3. Create a basic table for Project Type, Project manager, Project members, etc for project summary.
    Use appropriate field type for each. For example, a User List for Project Manager.

  4. You might want a dynamic table to create rows of TasksSub projects or Milestones.
    For that, use the Table field type.

  5. Save the template. 
Step 2 - Create a project overview page
  1. Create a new page.
  2. Add a Live Template macro.

  3. Locate the template Project Overview Template.

  4. Save the macro and publish the page. 

Step 3 - Add content
  1. Click on Edit Content to turn the page into form.

  2. Populate the fields on the form.

  3. When you're done, click Publish Content.

That's it! Now you have a project overviews in your Confluence!

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