A knowledge base is a self-serve repository of articles about a product, service, department or topic. Your knowledge base isn't just helpful for customers, it's also useful for your team. A well-structured, clearly-written, and cleanly-designed knowledge base helps customers help themselves, acts as a learning tool, and can even be a source for machine learning. 

In this example, we will build a knowledge base system using Scaffolding.

The knowledge base articles will share the same format, layout and sections. Your team members will use the template to create knowledge base articles. Confluence users can then access the knowledge base article to get information. You can also make changes to the template in the future, which will automatically update all the pages your users have created. 

Sample Use Case

BackgroundYour users have reported that page exports have failed.
SolutionYou want users to be able to search your Knowledge Base before coming to you as this is a known issue that can be resolved via self help. For you as as the administrator you want to be able to create a template that can be edited with one click and change reflected on every page using the template.
Final Outcome

You have setup a Knowledge Base space, then created a live template for KB with Scaffolding Cloud using key fields you created using Field Group macro. 

End Result : 

Building the knowledge base system

Step 1 - Create the template
  1. Go to your Space Settings > Look and Feel, and add a new template. Name it Knowledge Base Article Template.

  2. Add a Field Group macro.

  3. Add the necessary fields; SummaryDiagnosisCauseSolutions using the Paragraph field type.

  4. For the System field, add a table, and make use of the Dropdown List type.
    Edit the field, to add your list options.

  5. Save the template. 

Step 2 - Create a knowledge base article
  1. Create a page.

  2. Add a Live Template macro.

  3. Locate the template Knowledge Base Article Template.

  4. Save the macro and publish the page.

Step 3 - Add content
  1. Click on Edit Content to turn the page into form.

  2. Populate the fields on the form.

  3. When you're done, click Publish Content.

That's it! Now you have a knowledge base system in your Confluence!

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