Can't load Edit Content mode due to duplicated Field Group macros. The following error message appears when attempting to enter Edit Content mode:


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Diagnostics Steps

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This issue happens when there are duplicated Scaffolding Field group macros on this page, mainly due to copying and pasting of Field Group macros.

Having multiple Field Group macros with unique Field group name inside a page is allowed. However, when Field Group macros are copied and pasted, copied macro will have a duplicated Field Group ID as the original macro, and this causes problems in Editing Content mode.

We are currently working on improvements to support the copying and pasting of Field Group macros.


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If this page does not contain Live Template macros

  1. Click on Edit (not Edit Contents) to open the page in Edit mode.

  2. Remove the duplicated Field Group macros that were copied and pasted.

If this page contains Live Template macros

  1. Find the original page/template that the Live Template macro is referring to.

  2. Edit this page/template.

  3. Remove the duplicated Field Group macros that that were copied and pasted.

Best practice on adding multiple Fields and Table Fields on a single page

Add multiple Fields and Table Fields inside a single Field Group macros instead of having multiple Field Group macros on a single page