When exporting a space or page to Word doc format, most of the links in the exported doc file seem to be broken (unusable). They may have a "file:///" prefix instead of "https://".


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Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


This is a known limitation of Confluence's "Export to Word" feature. Many Confluence pages have relative links instead of absolute links, e.g. /wiki/spaces/~9766/pages/Meeting+notes instead of

When the "Export to Word" feature is used, only the relative link is exported without the full domain name.


Change the key relative links to absolute links (with domain name) before using the "Export to Word" feature. For example,

(warning) Note: This may cause issues later if certain pages are moved or renamed. So you may want to change a copy of the page instead.


Currently listed as a bug by Atlassian. No timeline has been provided for fixing this bug.