When configuring or adding entity mappings in the Bindings page, the user gets "You are not authorized to perform this request." error message. 


  • Jira Cloud

  • Jira Server

Diagnostics Steps


The user making the changes has insufficient permission on a project level.



  1. Locate the project you want to configure the bindings for.

  2. Go to Project Settings > Permissions.

  3. Next, click ActionsEdit permissions.

  4. Make sure the user who is configuring the mapping has the following permissions:
        (a.) Project Permissions:
             i.) Administer Projects
             ii.) Browse Projects
        (b.) Issue Permissions:
            i.) Create Issues
            ii.) Edit Issues
            iii.) View Issues
        (c.) For Jira Cloud, ensure that the atlassian-addons-project-access role is granted with all the permissions.