This step only applies to Jira Server.

On Jira Server, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to set up an integration user for use exclusively with the Connector for Salesforce and Jira.

What is an integration user?

An integration user is a Jira user that is created specifically for the Connector to reliably perform synchronizations between Jira and Salesforce.

Creating this Jira user, while optional, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to avoid potential synchronization issues between Jira and Salesforce.

(warning) See this KB article for a potential issue that can arise if a dedicated integration user is not created.   


  1. Create a new Jira user (a suggested username would be "SF Integration User").
    This Jira user will be used exclusively as an integration user for the Connector.
  2. Go to the Salesforce menu > Settings.

  3. On the Settings screen, go to the pull-down menu and search for the Jira user you created in Step 1.

  4. After selecting the Jira user you want as an integration user, click on the Save button that has just appeared on the top-right corner.

Permissions required by the integration user

When creating the integration user, provide it with the following project permissions in Jira:

  • Browse Project
  • Create Issues
  • Edit Issues
  • Modify Reporter
  • Assign Issues

If using Jira Service Management, make sure the Integration user has access to the Jira Service Management projects in order for the integration to work.

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