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Salesforce shows error related to unlinking an Jira issue


Due to certain configurations or validations on the workflow some modifications to the Jira issues are not performed by the connector.

When unlinking the issue from the Salesforce case, errors are triggered as shown in the images below.

The next-gen component, triggers the following error when unlinking:


There are two root causes for this issue:

Missing Integration user

The integration user is missing the Edit issue permission in Jira.

Jira Server

  1. Select a project > Project Settings > Permission > Permission Helper, select the affected issue that is unlinked and check if the user has the Edit issue permission. If none, grant the user the permission.

Jira Cloud

  1. Select a project > Project Settings > Permission > find for "Edit Issues" permission and search for the project role "atlassian-addons-projects-access" listed there. 

  2. If none, on the top, click Actions Edit PermissionUpdate the "Edit Issues" permission with the project role.

Issue status is set to be not editable in workflow (Jira Server/DC only)

The status of the issue has the property "jira.issue.editable = false"

  1. Read this documentation to understand how to access the workflow property.

  2. Delete the property key "jira.issue.editable = false" if it exists. 

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