This page will guide you on how to bulk push updates to multiple Jira Issues at once.

This operation honors the following Jira permission settings:

  • You need to have the Bulk Change global permission.
  • You need to have View and Edit permissions for the related issues.


  1. If you are using Jira Cloud, click the Apps menu at the top of the screen > Salesforce > Bulk Operations.
    If you are using Jira Server, click the Salesforce menu at the top of the screen > Bulk Operations.

    Only users with the Bulk Change permission are able to see the menu and access the Bulk Operations screen.
  2. At the Bulk Operations screen, type in your JQL query and click Search

    • JQL Query search in Bulk Operation will only return associated Jira issues.
    •  The “ORDER BY’ operation does not work in the Bulk Operations JQL search.

  3. Results based on your JQL query search will be displayed in a table on the screen.
    If you are satisfied with your JQL Query search, click Bulk Push to update the related Salesforce objects.

    For now, the search will only return the first 100 results so you may need to tweak your query to narrow your search results.