When trying to create an issue the user is getting an error that a field is not on the appropriate screen or is unknown.


  • Jira Server and Jira Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


This issue is caused by not having the specified field in the Default Create Screen.


Not applicable.


If the issue involves a Custom Field ID, we will first need to find the name of the field (if not, you can skip the following steps):

  1. Navigate to Administration > Issues >Custom Fields.

  2. Go to the Cog Icon  (Jira Server) or the ellipsis (Jira Cloud) and hover over the Configure or Screens option.

  3. Observe the URL at the bottom left of the browser window.  You will find the ID at the end of the link.

To add the Field to the corresponding Screen:  

  1. Open the Project where the issue is happening.

  2. Go to Project Settings.

  3. Click on Screens.

  4. Click on the name of your screen to expand.  You should see something like the screen below:

  5. Click on the name of the screen next to Create issue.

  6. Finally, add the missing field to the list.