When trying to access the Jira section in Salesforce, an error is shown. Reviewing the console/HAR file, the following error can be seen:

Error Message
has been blocked by CORS policy: The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header has a value 'https://backroads--uatsandbox.lightning.force.com' that is not equal to the supplied origin


This issue related to CORS policy. In the HAR file, the original URL is different from what is shown in the error.

To make sure if Salesforce returns the correct CORS information on HTTP header (so that the browser will block the request), you need to allow the origin in the request header:

  1. Go to Setup > search for CORS and click it.

  2. Under Allowed Origins List, select New and enter the origin URL pattern.

If performing the steps mentioned above does not resolve the issue, reach out to ServiceRocket Support to investigate this further.