For various reasons, you might want to map the Jira Key URL to a Salesforce field rather than the issue number.


  • Jira Server

  • Jira Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


Mapping the Key field in Jira to a Salesforce URL field will only retrieve the issue number and not the whole URL. 


  1. Map the Key field in Jira to a Text field type in Salesforce:

    • Navigate to Apps > Salesforce > Bindings > Mapping > Mappings

  2. Create a formula field and specify the return type as Text:

    • In Salesforce, go to Setup > Object Manager > Case > Field and Relationships > Create a new Formula field.

  3. Use the following formula: 

    HYPERLINK("<Jira_instance_URL>/browse/" & <Mapped_Field_in_Step_1> ,"{JIRA_KEY}")


  • Please replace the <Jira_instance_URL> with your instance URL and <Mapped_Field_in_Step_1> with the field name (e.g.: text_field__c ). 

  • The {JIRA_KEY} is shown in Salesforce like below and is not a URL that you need to replace.


Not applicable.