Sometimes after configuring the Connector and an association has been made between a Jira issue and a Salesforce Case, we do not see the Case number on the Salesforce section of a Jira issue:

In the above screenshot we can see the the subject of the Case being displayed. However, we need the case number to be displayed instead.


  • Any Jira version

  • The Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server and Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


The Salesforce field to be displayed on the Jira issue is directly related to Connection configuration where we select available fields for a particular Salesforce object:

Related documentation: Configuring Field Displays and accessing the Details Display screen


Not applicable.


  1. Go to Salesforce section in Jira > Connections > click Configure on the chosen Connection.

  2. Click on Fields next to Case.

  3. Move the Case Number field to the top to make it the primary field:

  4. Click Next and then Apply changes.
    (This is an important step.)

  5. Now that the Case Number field has been chosen as the primary field, we will see it in the Jira issue as expected: