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Filtering Projects in the Create Jira Issue dialog box

You can control what bound projects appear in the Projects menu on the Create Jira Issue dialog box on Salesforce.

This guide shows you how to configure this feature.

Creating a Project Filter

  1. Log into your Salesforce and click 
     > Setup
    If you are using Salesforce Classic, click Setup located on the upper right pane.
  2. In the sidebar, use Quick Find to type "Installed Packages" then click the Installed Packages link that appears.
  3. Look for "JIRA Cloud for Salesforce" and click Configure.

  4. On the configuration screen, scroll down to the Issue Creation section, and click the

  5. You have 3 Filter Types to choose from:

    • Allow All Projects - The default option. All bound projects will be listed in the Create Jira Issue dialog box.
    • Whitelist - Only allow selected bound projects to be listed in the Create Jira Issue dialog box.
    • Blacklist - Allow all bound projects except the selected projects to be listed in the Create Jira Issue dialog box.

  6. For this example, we've selected Whitelist for the Filter Type.
    You will then be asked to select what bound projects to include in the whitelist.

  7. We've selected the "Management" and "Support" projects to be whitelisted.
    Now, only these projects will appear in the Create Jira Issue dialog box.

  8. After clicking Save, the Filter Type and the bound projects that were selected will be displayed on the top right of the Issue Creation section:

Filtering by Project when creating a new Jira Issue

  1. After creating the filter, create a new Jira issue.
  2. In the Create Jira Issue dialog box, you can now choose which bound project to create the new Jira issue in.

  3. The projects that appear on this menu will depend on the Filter Type and selected bound projects in the Project Filter configuration shown above.

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