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Determine the Salesforce integration user


In some scenarios, you may need to find out which user is being used for Salesforce integration to check whether they have the right permissions. This FAQ helps you find the user on the Salesforce side, whether for general checking or troubleshooting purposes.


The integration user can be determined via the Salesforce Setup page. The steps are:

  1. In the connected Salesforce instance, click the Cog Icon on the top right and click Setup.
  2. Continue to Apps > Connected Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage.
    (info) Alternatively, you can search for Connected Apps OAuthUsage in the search bar.

  3. On the page, look for Salesforce & JIRA Cloud Connector (or Salesforce & JIRA Server Connector depending on the case).

  4. In the User Count column, click the number.
  5. Find the user used for the integration by referring to the Initial Connection or Last Used column. In the example below, the first user is the one being used for integration, based on the most recent Last Used and Initial Connection dates.
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