This guide will help you configure the settings available in the Salesforce Package.

Accessing configuration settings of the Salesforce Package

To find the settings:

  1. In Salesforce, click 
     > Setup.
    If you are using Salesforce Classic, click Setup located on the upper right pane.
  2. Search for "Package" and go to Installed Packages.

  3. Look for "Jira for Salesforce" and click Configure.

Feature Toggles

This allows the admin to disable product features available to users.

The following features can be toggled on or off:

  • Create Jira Issue
  • Associate Jira Issue
  • Push changes to Jira
  • Pull changes from Jira
  • Unlink issues
  • Configure associations 
  • Sync email attachments

    (warning) Attachments may still sync even if you disable this feature because of Salesforce's Email-to-Case Settings. For more info, refer to this KB article.

Click the checkbox of any feature you want to disable.

Available Fields

This allows the admin to specify which Jira fields should appear in the Jira issues Visualforce pages.

Click + Add Jira Fields to add more Jira fields.

Issue Creation

This allows the admin to configure the Project Filter.

Use the Project Filter to filter which Jira projects are shown in the Create Jira Issue dialog box. However, only projects with a binding in Jira can be selected.

For more information, see Filtering Projects in the Create Jira Issue dialog box.

Comment Configuration

This allows the admin to configure the behavior of synchronized comments in Salesforce.

Comment Privacy

Determines visible Jira comments based on their privacy.

Comment Tag Filter

Hashtags to filter Jira comments with.
If configured, only Jira comments with at least one of the tags in their body will be rendered.
For more information, see Filtering Jira Comments in Salesforce Cases.

Chatter Feed

If enabled, Jira comments satisfying privacy and hashtag filters will be posted as Chatter Feeds for associated Cases (excluding view-only associations).

For more information, see Configuring Chatter.