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Configuring Jira Comments (NextGen) with Lightning Experience

This page will guide you on configuring Lightning Web Components to display issue comments, object comments, chatter feed posts, and chatter feed comments. This component features the following:

  • Displays comments added to the associated issues.

    • Issue comments are tagged with Jira and are linked to an issue key.

  • Displays comments added to Salesforce object.

    • Object comments are tagged with Salesforce.

  • Displays Chatter Feed posts:

    • Posts are tagged with Chatter.

  • Displays comments added to the Chatter Feed post.

  • Matches the selected connection:

    • The connection dropdown appears only if there is more than one connection.

    • Selecting a connection in Jira Issues or Jira Comments component reflects the selected relationship in the other component automatically.

Displaying Jira Comments

  1. Associate a Jira Issue to the Salesforce object by following this guide: Creating a Jira Issue from Salesforce with Jira Issues (NextGen).

  2. In Jira, write a comment on the Jira issue. The comment will be synced to Salesforce and shown in the Jira Comments component.

Adding Comments in Salesforce (Chatter Feed and Case)

  1. For Case comments:

    1. In the Salesforce Object page, scroll to Case Comments and click New.

    2. Write a comment in the Body and select Save. The comment is included in the Jira Comment component.

  2. For Chatter Feed:

    1. In the Feed tab, insert the comment in the Post section and click Share. The comment is included in the Jira Comment component.

    2. Under All Updates, write a comment under the Chatter Post and click Comment. The comment is included in the Jira Comment component.

  3. The Jira Comment component tags the comment according to where the comment was made.

Changing connections

  1. In the Jira Comments component, you can change the selected connection from the dropdown.

  2. The newly selected connection will update automatically in the Jira Issues section ensuring both Jira Comments and Jira Issues always show the same connection.

Sorting comment history by newest or oldest first

You can read a comment starting from the newest or the oldest. The total number of Jira Comments in the Jira Issue is shown by the number in brackets.

To sort comment history by newest or oldest first:

  1. Scroll down to the Jira Comments component.

  2. Select Oldest or Newest first.

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