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Configuring Field Displays and accessing the Details Display screen

This guide will help add Salesforce Fields to existing objects and customize what Salesforce Fields appear in the Details Display screen, found on the Jira Issue screen.

It will also guide you to access the Details Display screen.

Part 1: Adding a Salesforce Field to an Existing Object

  1. Go to
    > Apps, and then in the sidebar, under Salesforce, choose Connections.
  2. At the Salesforce Connections screen, go to the Connection you want to configure and click Configure.
  3. At the Connection Configuration screen, locate the Salesforce Object desired and click Fields to continue configuration.

  4. Then, in the Salesforce Field search box, enter the Salesforce Field you want to add, then click Add.

  5. When the new Salesforce Field is added, remember to click Apply Changes.

  6. If the changes have been applied successfully, the Salesforce Fields you just added will now be visible on the Details Display screen.

Part 2: Accessing the Details Display screen

  1. Go to a Jira Issue which has already been associated with a Salesforce Object.
  2. On the right side of the screen, in the Salesforce section, click on the Salesforce Object:

  3. Click the Details button:
  4. The Details Display screen will pop up:

What's next?

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