This page will guide you on how to associate a Jira Issue with a Salesforce Object, and then to push data from Jira to Salesforce, or to pull data from Salesforce to Jira.

To associate, push or pull:


  1. In a Jira issue, look under the Salesforce section on the right side of the screen.
    If you have the new Jira issue view enabled, click Associate or create a record.

    If not, skip to Step 2.
  2. Click Associate.
  3. The Associate Salesforce Object window pops up.
  4. In the Search Salesforce text field, type in a word from the Salesforce Object you want to associate the Jira Issue with.
  5. Click Associate.
  6. The Salesforce Object you associated will appear in the list in the Salesforce section:

Viewing Salesforce Object options

Click on the listed Salesforce Object and several options will appear.

  • Details - Click to view a popup window of various details of this Salesforce Object.
  • Configure - Click to configure this association. View Configuring an association for more information.
  • Push - Click to synchronize data from Jira in Salesforce.
  • Pull - Click to synchronize data from Salesforce in Jira.
  • Unlink - Click to break the association of this Jira Issue with the Salesforce Object.

Known limitations

Each Jira issue can be associated with a maximum of 300 Salesforce records only due to a storage limitation imposed by Jira.

What's next?

You may want to:

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