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What's New in Version 5?


Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


What's New in Version 5?


The Salesforce and JIRA Connector has changed considerably from version 4.x to 5.x. Below is a table that outlines the features in Version 4 and those in Version 5 for a useful comparison.

Version 5 is currently in beta so it is recommended that you go for version 4.4.7 in a production environment.

Feature Comparison

The table below compares the features for the Salesforce and JIRA connector between versions 4.x and 5.x.


= Supported; ❌ = Not Supported


Supported in 4.x

Supported in 5.x

Related Documentation

Ability to create and update JIRA issues from

Creating JIRA issues from Salesforce

Ability to create objects (like Cases) from JIRA

Creating Salesforce Objects From JIRA

Ability to link a JIRA issue to a Object

Adding a Remote System Reference

Ability to look up SF objects (like Cases) linked to a JIRA issue

Connector Custom Fields

Ability to sync comments between JIRA and automatically (or manually)

Ability to synchronise fields from JIRA to automatically

Connector Custom Fields

Ability to create custom fields within JIRA that show live Salesforce data

Connector Custom Fields

Use of Application links between JIRA and

Adding a New Connection

Ability to use a Configuration Wizard to make it easier to get started with default mappings

Configuration Wizard

Mappings Schemes to make it easy to associate projects with the desired field mappings

Configure Mapping Schemes

Ability to diagnose problems with a Diagnostics Screen

Connector Diagnostics

Support Screen to help speed up the support process by allowing config settings to be exported

Connector Diagnostics

Display attachments as a URL in JIRA

Ability to send JIRA issue attachments to

Ability to view related JIRA issues in

Viewing Related JIRA Issues

Ability to Create Objects via a "Bulk Action"

How to do a Bulk Action in JIRA

Ability to link multiple Objects to a single JIRA issue

Support for standard objects other than Cases in

Support for custom objects other than Cases in

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