Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


What can you tell me about the Listener in the Connector?


Starting from Salesforce Connector version 5.0, listener setup is no longer needed.

How to enable listener to Sync data of updated Issue?

Listener is enabled by default.

How does it work?

Listener works by capturing every event fired by Workflow "Post Function".

What events will be captured?

This is a list of events captured by Listener and trigger "Push Change to Remote System" function:

  • Issue Updated

  • Issue Assigned

  • Issue Resolved

  • Issue Closed

  • Issue Worklog Updated

  • Issue Worklog Deleted

  • Issue Work Logged

  • Issue Reopened

  • Issue Started

  • Issue Stopped

  • Issue Moved

  • Issue Generic Event

  • Custom Event

"Push to Remote System" will update remote system with data changed in Issue.

A known bug in JIRA Connector version 1.0.6 and below

Issue Generic Event cannot be captured properly by Connector listener.

Therefore, any workflow that makes use of "Generic Event" won't make any changes in Salesforce.

The workaround is to use other events, e.g.: "Issue Updated".