When logging into Jira in the Salesforce Visualforce page with the correct credentials, the page refreshes and gets redirected to itself asking the user to log in:

Another common behavior is getting a blank Visual Force page, even after applying this workaround.


  • Jira Server

  • Classic Connector 

Diagnostics Steps



On February 4th, Google released a Chrome update that included a new approach to cookies.

Before February 4th, the Chrome SameSite cookie default was None which allowed third-party cookies to track users across sites. But after the update, cookies defaulted to SameSite=Lax which means cookies are only set when the domain in the URL of the browser matches the domain of the cookie, in other words, a first-party cookie.

(warning) The Firefox and Edge browsers are also planning to adopt the SameSite=Lax default setting.


Go to chrome://flags/ and search for SameSite and disable the following settings.