Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


The Connector Has Suddenly Stopped Working


Help us to find the root cause

If you are on JIRA 7.x and connector version 6.0.11 and onwards, you may enable a DEBUG logging to help us identify what has exactly broken, the next time this problem happens:

  1. Go to Cog Icon  >System.

  2. Under Troubleshooting and Support in the sidebar, click Logging and profiling.

  3. Under Default Loggers section, click Configure logging level for another package.

  4. Enter package name as net.customware.plugins.connector.salesforce.soap, with logging level as DEBUG.

  5. Click Add.

If the problem happens again, please gather your atlassian-jira.log files and send to us at


There are two likely causes for this:

  1. Your account credentials have expired

  2. The license for the Connector for and JIRA has expired

The following are suggestions on how to resolve these issues:

Your account credentials have expired

  1. Go to Cog Icon >Add-ons.

  2. Under Cloud Connectors in the sidebar, click Connection.

  3. Look for your Connection, then click Test.

  4. Verify if the connection is successful.
    If it isn't, expand the error details.
    There is a high chance you will get an error similar to "Invalid username/password".

  5. If this is the case, reset your account password and update the authentication details in your JIRA configuration.

The license for the Connector for and JIRA has expired

  1. Go to Cog Icon > Add-ons.

  2. Under Cloud Connectors, click Licensing and verify that your Connector for and JIRA license is still valid.

    • Alternatively, you will also see the "License is expired" error message while performing a test connection.

  3. The solution is to renew the existing license and re-upload a new one.
    Or you could also obtain an evaluation license as a temporary workaround while you wait for approval to renew your license.