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Step 4 - Configuring Salesforce

The new Connector provides pre-built Visualforce pages to display associated JIRA issues, JIRA comments, create/associate buttons as well as Apex triggers. In this step you will install the package, configure it and remove the features provided by the Classic Connector.

At the end of this step you will have:

  • Installed a Salesforce package that comes with the new Salesforce & JIRA Cloud Connector.
  • Configured the Salesforce package to work with JIRA Cloud.
  • Where necessary, configured new Apex triggers.
  • Removed the features of Classic connector from Salesforce.


  • You have completed Step 3 - Importing to the New Connector.
  • You have administrator access to JIRA Cloud.
  • You have administrator access to Salesforce. Note that if you are using Apex classes and triggers, you need to co-ordinate the deployment process from Sandbox to Production.


  1. Install the Salesforce Package for Salesforce & JIRA Cloud Connector from the AppExchange.
  2. Establish a connection between JIRA Cloud and Salesforce.
  3. Add Visualforce pages to required objects. 
    By this time, you should be able to test the Create JIRA Issue or Associate button in the JIRA Issues Visualforce page.
  4. If required, configure Apex triggers to automate JIRA issue creation or push operation using Apex triggers.
    If you implemented auto sync operations in Salesforce for the Classic Connector, you might want to update to the endpoints provided by the New Connector.
  5. By this time, you should verify by simulating the expected users steps to trigger the automation, and see the effect in JIRA Cloud.
  6. Once everything is working, it is safe to remove the old features from Salesforce.
    This includes:

Testing the configuration

At this point, you might want to try Creating a Jira Issue from Salesforce.

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