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Resetting the New Connector

This page guides you to reset the data for the New Connector. It is intended for users who are migrating.

This step is necessary if you already have existing data in the New Connector.

Note that this feature:

  • Removes all data and configuration made to the New Connector. 
  • Does not reset any associated license.
  • Does not backup the existing data and configuration.


  1. Log in to JIRA Cloud.
  2. Go to (gear icon)Add-ons.
  3. In the sidebar, under Salesforce, click on Migration.
  4. You will see the following screen:

    Click the Reset Data button and follow the steps to initiate the data reset.

  5. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm this process.
    You will have to type the phrase "Reset All Data" to continue.

    This is destructive operation and can not be undone! Use at your own discretion.

    All existing data, including Connections, Bindings, and Associations will be permanently deleted by this operation. 

  6. You will see a success message once it completes.
    You may now continue importing your data into the new Connector.

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