Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


Related JIRA Issues View shows “There are no associated issues”


  • Please ensure that there is at least one Remote System Reference associated between Salesforce and JIRA.

  • Have you tried to re-index the JIRA instance? Re-indexing the JIRA instance may help in solving this issue.

  • Please verify that the "Remote System Reference" field of the JIRA issue contains the value that could redirect you to the correct case.

  • Please verify that the fetch endpoint URL or "Related JIRA Issues" view is using the correct connection ID:

    Cog Icon UNKNOWN ATTACHMENT > Project > Select the project that contains the issue you have created > Project Mappings > Click on the mapping that is associating with the issue's issue type > Expand the Endpoints

    e.g., for fetch endpoint URL:

  • If you create a JIRA issue using the Create JIRA Issue endpoint button, please verify that the endpoint URL has the same connection ID as the endpoint URL for "Related JIRA Issues" view.

  • Please verify that "Create Issue" step in the JIRA workflow contains a post function named "Re-index an issue to keep indexes in sync with the database."