Associating a Jira Issue with a Salesforce Case

You are now ready to link a Jira Issue with a Salesforce Case. In Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira, this is also called a Remote System Reference

Step 1: Determine the Salesforce Case ID that you want to link with the Jira Issue.

Step 2: Manage Application Link within the Jira Issue.

Step 3: Enter the Salesforce Case ID within the Application Link.


What is a Remote System Reference?

A Remote System Reference allows Jira and Salesforce to talk to each other and synchronize data. This functionality is bidirectional so that information that is saved on one end can then be updated on the other.

Remote System Reference is one of 3 options available for linking Jira to Salesforce in Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira. For more information on the 3 options, consult: The 3 options of linking Jira to Salesforce.

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