Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


I want Salesforce to return more search results


Using the Salesforce Object Query Language will return up to a maximum of 1000 results by default. The Connector will then pass these results to JQL search where irrelevant or useless results will be filtered out.

But if the SOQL returns more than 1000 results in a search, those extra results will not be passed over to JQL search.

To enable JQL so that it searches these extra results, the admin is required to set a system property when they start up their JIRA instance:

  1. Edit bin/

  2. Append the following property to JVM_EXTRA_ARGS:


    where X is the desired maximum limit.
    The value of x must be a multiple of 1000. (e.g. 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000)

Setting this system property with a maximum limit that is too high will likely result in performance issues and users may experience timeouts during JQL searches.