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How Do I Update the Connector?


Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira


How Do I Update the Connector?


These instructions do not apply to OnDemand instances.


  1. Go to Cog Icon > Add-ons.

  2. Under ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE in the sidebar, click on Manage add-ons.

  3. Ensure that User-Installed is selected in the pull-down menu:


  4. Search for the ServiceRocket Connector Plugin.

  5. "UPDATE AVAILABLE" will appear next to the plugin name if the installed version is not the latest one.

  6. Click Update to upgrade the connector. This action should also update the Connector components (ServiceRocket JIRA Connector and ServiceRocket Core Connector) as well.

  7. If successful, you should see the following pop-up:

  8. Click Close, then verify the installation by checking the version number and making sure the following components are enabled:

    • ServiceRocket Connector 

    • ServiceRocket JIRA Connector 

    • ServiceRocket Core Connector

You do not need to reconfigure the Connector (Application Links, Connections, Mappings, etc.) after the upgrade.

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