Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira




The problem happens when the SOQL generated by the Connector violates the following Salesforce rules:

  • MALFORMED_QUERY: SOQL statements cannot query more than 10000 characters

  • QUERY_TOO_COMPLICATED: Query is either selecting too many fields or the filter conditions are too complicated

These issues are solved by enabling the Optimize Query to Remote System (Only query fields mapped, limited details sent to JIRA). (See Image 1.)

Image 1: Enabling the Optimize Query to Remote System

To enable Optimize Query to Remote System:

  1. Go to Administration > Add-ons > Mappings

  2. Click Configure

  3. Expand the Settings menu

  4. Click Enable on the far right of Optimize Query to Remote System

IF after you have performed the previous steps, you still receive this error message:

MALFORMED_QUERY: SOQL statements cannot query more than 35 different parent types

Then you will have to start unchecking fields from the Read Access column in your credential account that you use for the Connector setup in JIRA. (See Image 2.)

Image 2: Unchecking fields in Visibility column

To uncheck fields from the Read Access column:

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to Administration Setup > Profiles > {Profile Name}

  3. Then under Field-Level Security > {object name} (e.g. Account, Case, Contact, etc.) > click View

  4. On the Field-Level Security for profile page that appears, click Edit

  5. In the Read Access column, uncheck all entries with Field Types that appear more than 35 times (e.g., Lookup, Phone, etc.)

  6. After uncheck all entries with Field Types that appear more than 35 times. Please clear the cache with the following steps.

    1. Method 1: Reconfigure authentication

      1. JIRA -> Add-ons -> Left panel under Cloud Connectors, click Connections -> Your Connection -> Click on the Application Link associated -> Your Application Link -> Configure Authentication -> Disable

      2. Reconfigure Authentication
        *Note*: Please remember to append your security token at the end of your password.

    2. Method 2: Re-caching within JIRA

      1. JIRA -> Add-ons -> Left panel under Cloud Connector, click Mappings -> Your Mapping -> Configure -> Click on the Click Here link