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How Are Comments Handled?


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How Are Comments Handled?


Currently we support comments for 2 objects in Salesforce, these include:

  • Case

  • Idea

The way the comments are handled varies depending on if you are trying to push a comment from JIRA to Salesforce or from Salesforce to JIRA, please see the relevant section below for more details:

JIRA to Salesforce

New comments and existing comments are handled a bit differently, new comments means that the comment was made within JIRA and has never (or at least not yet been) pushed to Salesforce, existing comments means that the comment was either made in JIRA and has already been pushed to Salesforce, or was made in Salesforce and has already been pulled into JIRA.

New Comments

New comments made in JIRA are automatically pushed to the related Case or Idea when they are first added to the JIRA issue based on the Automatically push new comments setting, if this is disabled, new comments are not automatically pushed to Salesforce and the user will need to selectively push the comments individually, please see Pushing a comment from JIRA to Salesforce for more details on how to individually push comments.

Existing Comments

Existing comments, when edited within JIRA, will automatically update the corresponding comment in Salesforce, lets take the following scenario:

Lets say issue IS-1 has a comment "What version of the product are you using?" which has already been pushed to the Salesforce Case #0001928 as a comment with the same text, when the JIRA user edits the comment to "What version of the product and what environment are you using?", the comment in Salesforce will be updated immediately with the updated text.

Salesforce to JIRA

Comments from Salesforce are synchronized whenever the synchronization is triggered, this can be done via 2 ways:

When the synchronization is triggered, it will:

  • For every comment from Salesforce, if it is not already pulled into JIRA, it will create a new comment on the JIRA issue based on the comment from Salesforce

  • For every comment from Salesforce, if it is already pulled into JIRA, checks to see if the comment text has been updated, if it has been updated, it will update the comment in JIRA to match

  • The above scenarios will depend on the comment synchronization setting in the Mapping Configuration screen

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