This issue is seen when trying to use the connector or when testing the connection under the Application links

The error shown will be:

Error Message
Failed to establish connection to remote system salesforce.error.NOT_KNOWN_AXISFAULT

This happens in the following scenarios:

  • The Salesforce integration user token expires or changes.

  • The Salesforce integration user password has been changed.

  • The Salesforce integration user has been deleted or locked.


  1. Check if the Salesforce integration user is valid by logging in with the integration user credentials.

  2. Check if the existing security token sent to the integration user's email address is still valid.

  3. In the Jira server, go to Applications links (e.g.., http://yourjiraurl/jira/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks)

  4. Click on the blue pencil icon, a pop-up will open.

  5. Select the Outgoing Authentication option.

  6. Type in the username, which is the integration user's email address. Type in the password, which is the integration user's password+security token. Once, both columns are filled, click on Update

    If the update is successful, skip to Step 11. If the token has expired, you will have to generate a new security token in Salesforce, continue with the next step. 

  7. In Salesforce, click on the Profile icon > Settings

  8. Under the My Personal Information dropdown, click on Reset My Security Token

  9. Click on the Reset Security Token button, a new security token will be sent to the integration user's email address. 

  10. Copy the new security token sent to the integration user's email address and attempt Step 6 again.

  11. Click on the "3 dots" button (...) and click on Test

    A successful connection will display the "Connection successful" message.