When accessing the Classic Connector's connection section (SettingsManage AppsConnections under "Cloud Connector"), this error message appears:
"The required plugin is installed but not yet enabled, please visit the plugin manager to enable the plugin".


  • Classic Connector

  • Jira Server / DC

Diagnostics Steps



This error message appears when the Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server / DC has been set to "Disabled" in the Manage Apps section of Jira (SettingsManage Apps)

Note that the name of the plugin is greyed out, and an Enable button is shown. If the app is enabled, there should be a Disable button instead. 




To resolve this error you will need to enable the app:

  1. In Jira, navigate to the Manage Apps setting (SettingsManage Apps)

  2. If you notice the ServiceRocket Connector Plugin has been disabled, go ahead and click on the Enable button.

  3. Go to Connections (SettingsManage AppsConnections). Your connections should now appear as they normally would.