There are a variety of reasons why an end user may wish to create a Salesforce object from a Jira issue. Primary reasons would be convenience and economical. Jira users may not have access to Salesforce or perhaps Salesforce is not part of their workflow at all.

The Connector allows a Jira user to create Salesforce objects in the following ways.

Creating a Salesforce Object manually via an existing Jira Issue

  1. Go to an existing Jira issue that is not already associated with Salesforce.
  2. Go to More > Manage Application Links:

  3. On the next screen, click Create New Case from this issue (this link may have a slightly different name depending on the Salesforce Object) under the Operations column:

  4. The screen will refresh and you will now see a new ID associated with this issue.

  5. Go to Salesforce and click on the object tab for the object you just created.
    In this example, we created a new Case, so we go to the Cases tab.
  6. You should see the new corresponding object to the Jira issue you just pushed.
    Click the object.
  7. If the related Jira issues window has been configured, the Jira issue should be listed there. The details pushed will correspond to the mapping configuration and scheme that the administrator has set up.
    In this example, the Jira Issue Summary field was mapped to the Salesforce Case Subject field and the and the Jira Issue Description field was mapped to the Salesforce Case Description field.

Creating Salesforce Objects via Jira Workflow

(warning) If the Jira Issue has already been linked to a remote object, a new object will not be created using the Jira workflow.

If the workflow has been configured to use automated remote object creation by the administrator, the user can just click the configured step and a new object will be created in Salesforce automatically.

For example, if the "Start Progress" step has been configured to create remote objects:

  1. Create a new Jira issue.

  2. Click on Start Progress above the issue details.

  3. A new object will be created in Salesforce and its details automatically populated in the issue when the screen refreshes.

Creating Salesforce Objects via bulk action

(warning) If the Jira issue has already been linked to a remote object, this bulk action will not create a new object for this Jira issue.

Multiple remote objects can be created at once from multiple issues using the Bulk Change feature of Jira.

  1. Go to the Issue Navigator and search for some issues.
  2. Go to Tools > Bulk Change.

  3. Select issues you wish to push to Salesforce. These should not have any Salesforce associations.
    Click Next.

  4. The next screen will provide you with various operations.
    Select Push to Remote System and click Next.

  5. The next screen allows you to choose which configured mapping in the system you'd want to use with the new objects. Choose one and click Next.

  6. A change summary screen will be displayed.
    Click Confirm if you are satisfied with the changes.

  7. You will be taken back to the Issue Navigator.
    Check the issues to confirm that they have now been linked to a Salesforce object.
    You can also go to Salesforce and confirm the objects were indeed created.