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Connector Fetch REST API - How do I show a human readable date in Visualforce pages


When using the REST API to fetch JIRA issue date data, it will return the value in epoch date format. You will need to manually convert the value to a more human readable format using code such as the following:

	// JIRA Issue Object.
    @testVisible class JIRAIssue {

        public String due_date { get; }
 		public String getFormattedDueDate() {
            if(this.due_date != null && this.due_date != '') {
                return DateTime.newInstance(Long.valueof(this.due_date)).format('dd/MM/yyyy', UserInfo.getTimeZone().getID());                
            return null;


In the Visualforce page, add a new column which refer to the new method created above:

<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!Issues}" var="issue">
	<apex:column headerValue="Due Date" value="{!issue.formattedDueDate}"/>