Since version 6.3.0 (for Jira 7) and 7.1.0 (for Jira 8), we have removed the ability to configure the Connection's cache expiry via the Connection Configuration Interface.

The cache expiry now defaults to 24 hours. If you need to configure the cache expiry for any reason, you may still do it by configuring the system property (you must be an admin).

To do this: 

  1. Edit bin/
  2. Append the following property to JVM_EXTRA_ARGS:


Replace the <connectionId> placeholder with the Connection that you are configuring.

In the above example, the value 30 represents 30 minutes. You may adjust this accordingly.

(warning) If you are administering Jira Data Center, you will need to restart the Jira Data Center cluster (i.e., stop all the nodes in the cluster) for the cluster caches to pick up the new configuration.