Connector Mappings link up specific fields in Jira to specific objects in Salesforce. These essentially configure the details of the integration you wish Jira to have with Salesforce.

For example, you might decide you want to link a field in Jira to a Contact object in Salesforce. This would be a new Mapping. To manage these sets of Mappings, Mapping schemes have been developed, much like other Jira schemes such as notification and permission schemes.

The basic workflow to set up the Mappings and Mapping schemes is:

  1. Create Mappings to Salesforce objects.
  2. Configure the individual field-to-field Mappings for each object.
  3. Create a Mapping scheme.
  4. Configure the Mapping scheme.

When creating a new Mapping, a new associated custom field is also created (see: Connector Custom Fields).

Synchronization to Salesforce is also automated.

If you opted to use the Configuration Wizard then some Mappings and Mapping schemes may have already been created for you.