This guide will walk you through the process of automating workflows to create new Salesforce Objects.


A Jira workflow can be customized to create new Salesforce objects in Salesforce when triggered by a particular step. This is achieved by adding a new post function to a workflow step.

A practical usage of this feature would be if a Jira issue used for support is escalated and a Salesforce Case must be created for it. Without workflow customization the user would have to push the issue to Salesforce manually. With workflow customization this can be completely automated as long as all the required information is supplied to Salesforce.


The following steps use the example of creating a Salesforce Case object in Salesforce whenever the associated issue hits the Start Progress transition of the Open step in the default Jira workflow.

  1. Go to Cog Icon > Issues.

  2. In the side bar, click Workflows.

  3. Copy the existing Jira project workflow to a new workflow for the Salesforce by clicking Copy under the Actions column.

  4. Name the new workflow "Salesforce Project Workflow" and add a description.
    Click Copy.

  5. You should be automatically be brought to the copied Workflow.
    Click on Diagram.

  6. A workflow diagram will appear.
    Click on the Create transition arrow.
    When the pop-up screen appears, choose Post Functions.

  7. Click on Add Post Function to add a new post function.

  8. A post function called Push to Remote System will be available.
    Select this and click Add.

  9. Select the Target System and object type from the drop-down menu (e.g.: "Salesforce Case"). The Target System will be the name inherited from the connection you set up for Salesforce. In our example this was "Salesforce". The list of all possible objects in Salesforce is listed.
    Click Add.

  10. After adding the Post Function, you will need to reorder the Post Function sequence.
    By default, the "Push the issue as a new Salesforce Case..." will be at the top.

    You will need to move it down below the "Creates the issue originally" Post Function:

  11. The workflow is now ready!
    Next you will need to create a workflow scheme and associate it to your Salesforce project. (See: Activating Workflow on how to do this.)
  12. To ensure the post function has been set up properly, create a new issue in the Salesforce project in Jira and click Start Progress.
    A new Salesforce Case should be created in Salesforce and its details automatically populated in the Jira issue.


You can have the object created when a Jira issue is created by clicking on the Open step in step 7 above instead of Steps.

In the Workflow Browser at the top right you will see the incoming transition Create Issue.

Clicking this transition and adding the post function there will trigger the post function upon issue creation.

Be careful to move the post function at the bottom of the list to ensure the issue exists before creating an object in Salesforce.