The Application Link authorizes your Jira instance with your Salesforce account. Without the Application Link, you will not be able to make a Connection to Salesforce.

The default Application Links interface has been replicated as part of the Connector because the default interface is not accessible to all Jira administrators.

Application Links can still be added through the default interface but this guide will focus on the Connector interface.

For details on adding Application Links through the default interface see: Using AppLinks to link to other applications.

Alternatively, you may also go to the Connection Configuration Interface and edit an existing Connection.

Click on Manage Application Links link to display the Application Links interface.

Jira 9 instructions are here ...
  1. Click on Create Link:

  2. Paste the Application URL (Salesforce link)

  3. Then choose application type

  1. Go to Cog Icon  > Add-ons. 

  2. Go to Applications, located on the left pane.

  3. Under Integrations, click on Application links.

  4. At the Configure Application Links screen, enter your Salesforce URL in the following format:


    For this example, we will be using the domain "ap1". Your Salesforce instance may use a different domain.
    The URL will thus appear like this: https://ap1.Salesforce 

    When you're done, click Create new link.

  5. You will see the Configure Application URL pop-up window.

    Click Continue.
  6. The Link applications pop-up window will now display.
    Type in your desired name for the Application Test field.
    Then, from the Application Type pull-down menu, choose Salesforce.


    You do not need to fill in the other fields.
    Click Continue.
  7. The Configure Application Links screen will reappear, this time with the application link you just created:


    Choose the application link you just created and click Edit.
  8. A configuration pop-up window will appear.
    Click on Outgoing Authentication.
  9. You will see that the Connector status is currently Not Configured.


    Enter your Salesforce credentials, then click Update.

    Having security token woes?

    If your Salesforce connection won't authenticate, refer to the KB article:
    How do I resolve LOGIN_MUST_USE_SECURITY_TOKEN errors?

  10. If the configuration is successful, you should be able to see that the status is now Configured.

The next step would be: