Additional Jira fields can be displayed in the "Associated Jira issues" Visualforce page in Salesforce.

On this page, we'll add "Affects Version/s" and "Fix Version/s" as in the screenshot below:



Then, you may add Fix Version/s and Affects Version/s by adding the following code snippets to:

JIRAFetchIssuesController Class:

public List<String> affected_versions { get; }
public List<String> fix_versions { get; }

Jira Issues Visualforce page:

<!-- Issue affected versions column -->
<apex:column headerValue="Affected Versions" value="{!issue.affected_versions}" />
<!-- Issue fix versions column -->
<apex:column headerValue="Fix Versions" value="{!issue.fix_versions}" />

To add other Jira fields, make sure to use the correct field type in the JIRAFetchIssuesController Class

public List<String> fix_versions { get; }

To add other custom fields, make sure to use the correct field name in the JIRAFetchIssuesController Class and Visualforce page.

public String customfield_<id> { get; }

Note: the fields type is important to be set correctly, in this case customfield_<id> is String.

<!-- Issue custom field column -->

<apex:column headerValue="Custom Field" value="{!issue.customfield_<id>}" />