(warning)This feature must have been configured by an admin. Please see Introduction to Mappings, Introduction to Mapping Schemes and Connector Custom Fields for information on how to do this.

In some circumstances, you may not just need to link an existing Jira issue to a Salesforce object but also to synchronize the data between the two systems. An example situation might be if you have only recently installed the Connector and now need to link some existing Jira support issues to existing Salesforce Cases.

For this situation, the Remote System Reference would probably be your best choice.

There are three ways to add a remote system reference:

  • Using the Salesforce Object ID

  • Using the Salesforce Object Subject/Name

  • Using the Salesforce Object Number

Getting the Salesforce Object ID

The Salesforce object ID is required to link a Jira issue to the object. This ID number is not shown in the normal Salesforce page view for objects and is typically used on the backend to uniquely identify all sorts of objects.


  1. Go to the Salesforce object you want to link to in Salesforce.
  2. Look at the URL in your browser. The mix of numbers and letters after your Salesforce server URL is the object's ID number.

    In the example below, the Salesforce Case with the Case Number 00001026 has an object ID of 5002v00002N4SmWAAV.

Linking the Jira Issue

  1. Go to the issue that you wish to link to an object in Salesforce.
  2. Go to More > Manage Application Links.

  3. The next screen will display the details of the Salesforce object that this issue type and the project it belongs to has a mapping configured for.
    In this example, it is Salesforce Case.
  4. Enter the Salesforce object ID obtained in the previous section in the Remote ID field.

    Click + Add Case.
  5. The screen will refresh with the ID added in the Remote ID column.

  6. Go back to the Jira issue.
    You should now see the Salesforce object custom field being populated with the details of the object.

Pushing or pulling changes to and from Salesforce

For information on how to pull and push changes from and to Salesforce, please see: