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Adding a Remote Object Link

(warning) If you do not see the custom field following the instructions below, contact your administrator. Please see the Connector Custom Fields page for information on how to do the configuration.

This feature will pull in read-only information from Salesforce into a custom field in a Jira issue and will therefore have the capabilities of custom fields in general, such as being searchable by Jira.

This feature can only be used if the relevant Connector Custom Fields has been configured by an administrator first.

The following guide also applies to Multi Remote Object Links.

To link an issue in this way to a Salesforce object:

  1. Go to a Jira issue you want to link to a Salesforce object.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. The Remote Object Link field should be available for you to add a link (it may be named differently; you may need to ask your administrator if it isn't obvious).
    It comprises of two fields for each object, a Salesforce object name and ID fields. The former is an auto-lookup field.
    If you begin typing in here, it will actively search for the object in Salesforce and present you a suggestion list.

  4. Select the object you want to link to from the list. This will auto-populate the ID field with the object's ID.
    Click Save.
  5. You should now see the Salesforce object's details in the issue details.

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