This page will guide you through the steps for adding a new Connection.

After authorizing your Jira instance with your Salesforce account by adding an application link, the next step would be to add a new Connection, which connects your Jira instance to your Salesforce account.

Adding a new Connection

  1. Go to the Connection Configuration Interface.
  2. In the Add new Cloud/System Connection section underneath the connections list, type in a name for your new connection.
    Select "Salesforce" as the External System Type.
    Click Add.

  3. The next screen is titled Add New Connection.
    Here you will need to select an application link for the connection.
    Choose your desired application link from the drop-down menu.
    In the following example screen, we are using the "Salesforce" application link (which we created previously).
    Click Add.

    If you haven't created an application link yet, click Manage Application Links and create a new application link.

  4. You will then be presented with two options: Launch Wizard or Back to Connections List.


    To view information about the wizard, see Configuration Wizard.

    For the purposes of this section, we will go Back to the Connections List.
  5. The new connection should now be displayed on the Cloud Connections list.
    Note that in the Actions column you can activate the Wizard if you wish.

What's Next?

You can now start:

Or, if you want to add a remote system reference, the next step you are required to do is to create mappings and mappings schemes for the connection you just created.

There are several options to accomplish this: