Using the Salesforce Account macro, we'll display a simple contact card with account details extracted from Salesforce.



Connector for Salesforce & Confluence Server & Data Center


Salesforce Account


  1. Create a Salesforce Account macro.

  2. In the Edit 'Salesforce account' Macro window, choose a condition and type a search parameter.
    For this example, we will choose the Name condition and search using the name "GenePoint".

  3. If you leave the conditions blank, the macro will display all accounts from

  4. Click Save and Account cards that satisfy the search conditions will be displayed.


If you need to search using a condition that isn't displayed on the Edit 'Salesforce account' Macro window by default, you will have to use wiki markup to search using your desired condition.

View the Salesforce Account page for more information.


Account cards will be displayed similarly to the following image: