Let's use the Salesforce Entity to display a table of entities extracted from a Salesforce Object.



Connector for Salesforce.com and Confluence


Salesforce Entity


  1. Create a Salesforce Entity macro.

  2. An Insert 'Salesforce entity' Macro pop-up window will appear:

    The * (default) field is used to enter the Salesforce Object in which the macro will search for entities. (This is a required field.)
    The conditions field is used to filter the search query results by using the SalesForce.com Confluence Query Conditions.
    The fields field is used to filter search query results by what fields you want the macro to display. (Leaving this empty will make the macro display all fields.)

  3. For this example, enter "Contact" in the * field, so that the macro will search within Salesforce Contacts.

  4. Then, let's filter the Contacts results to only those that belong to an Account that begins with the string "United".
    In the conditions field, enter "Account.Name=Like:United%".

  5. Lastly, let's choose what fields to display.
    Enter  "Name, Email, Phone, Fax, MailingStreet".

  6. You should have something that looks like this:

  7. Click Insert and then save the page.


  • Not applicable.


You should have something that looks like this: