A very useful application of the Using Salesforce Table macro would be to combine it with Atlassian's Chart macro.

The following is a quick and simple example of what is possible when you use Salesforce Table with Charts.

Unfortunately, this use case is no longer possible due to the introduction of Confluence Cloud's new editor. See reference.

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  1. Let's start with creating a Saved Filter.
  2. For this example, we have created a Saved Filter that searches for all Opportunities under "Grand Hotels":

    This is the SOQL Query that was generated:

    SELECT Name, Amount FROM Opportunity WHERE Name LIKE 'Grand Hotels%' ORDER BY Name ASC NULLS FIRST 

    We have saved this Saved Filter under the name"Grand Hotels Opp".

  3. Now, on an empty page, create a Chart macro.

  4. Edit the Chart macro and change the Type parameter to "Bar".

    Click Save.

  5. Within the Chart macro, create a Salesforce Table macro.

  6. Edit the Salesforce Table macro.
    Let's use the Saved Filter we created earlier on.

    Click Save.
    As a side note, this is what the Salesforce Table would look like without using the Chart macro:

  7. Save the Confluence page to view the result: