Creating a Salesforce object is simple, here are the steps to guide you through.



Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector


Salesforce Object


  1. Create a Salesforce Object macro while editing a Confluence page.

  2.  Edit the macro to view the Edit Salesforce Object pop-up window:

  3.  Choose the Connection you'd like to use.
    The default Connection will be displayed (as configured by the Confluence administrator).

  4. Then enter the Object URL.
    (This can be obtained by copying the URL from your Salesforce instance.)
    e.g. for Classic link:

    For Lightning link:

  5.  If you click Save, the Confluence page will render a link to the Salesforce Object:

Rendering the Salesforce Object macro as a Table

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above, then click on Render as Table.

  2. Type in the Salesforce Object fields you'd like to display in a table.
    For this example, we have entered: "Name", "BillingStreet", "BillingCity", "BillingPostalCode", "BillingCountry", "Phone" and "Fax".

  3. Click Save.


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