The Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector displays Salesforce data in Confluence pages.


  • The Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector is the middleman that transfers data between Confluence Cloud and Salesforce using an intermediary server owned by ServiceRocket at https://sfcc.servicerocket.io, hosted on AWS EC2 with Multi-AZ enabled. Every info is fetched on the go when needed.
  • Only Salesforce objects configured by the Confluence administrator can be accessed by the Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector.
  • The data you pull from Salesforce into Confluence is the only data that is accessed (data is processed but not written to disk) and transferred.
  • The data is not encrypted, but uses HTTPS and JWT as user validation.


  • We take great pains to securely authenticate your connection to Salesforce.
  • We never store any Salesforce data on our servers except for Salesforce object IDs.
  • We do not store your Salesforce credentials or your Confluence credentials anywhere.


ServiceRocket understands the importance of privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.