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User Filter


Filters out results based on a user property.

Users can be filtered by a combination of specific user names, group membership, and space permissions.

This macro must be used within a reporter macro.




Migratable to Cloud?

Default Value


[default] /key

  • (/)

  • NO

The keychain to apply the filter on.


  • (X)

  • NO

The list of users to include or exclude. e.g.: "+fred, "-joe" includes "fred" but excludes "joe".

May also be one of the following special values:

  • @self - the current user.

  • @anonymous - no user recorded.

  • @authenticated - any logged in user.


  • (X)

  • NO

The list of space permissions the user must have.

e.g. "FOO:edit" requires that the user must have edit permissions on the 'FOO' space. The space key may also be "@self" to indicate that the current space key should be checked.

Permissions which can be checked include: 

  • edit - the current user can create or edit pages in the space.

  • view - the current user can view pages in the space.

  • admin - the current user can administer the space.

  • news - the current user can create news items.

  • comment - the current user can create a comment.


  • (X)

  • NO

The list of groups to check user membership of.

e.g.: "confluence-users" will include all registered users.

Editor View

Macro Edit View

  • Not applicable.


  • Not applicable.

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